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“Should teens be able to buy violent video games?”

I believe that yes they should. The idea that teens somehow transform into potential serial killers or sociopaths because they play too much 'Halo' is preposterous. There have been some stories in the media that present someone who shoots his classmates at school or sets fire to a building or does something equally reprehensible.

We are then made to believe that it must be because this teenager listened to Marilyn Manson or heavy metal or liked to shoot enemies in a game. This is a dangerous fallacy. Little heed is paid or given attention to the other factors in the life of the shooter in stories like these. The reality is that no one with a perfectly stable lifestyle and genetic makeup who likes to play violent video games would unleash violence on their acquaintances. It is something else, not the video game itself, that causes people like these to lash out.

Of course, we can follow the line of logic that supposes that someone with these other factors may be more inclined to escape into the world of video games. In this sense, it is somewhat understandable that graphic video games and the companies that make them have received a lot of negative media focus. However, the ramifications of controlling what people buy and don't buy, even if they are just teenagers, are much more worrying than the discomfort we feel when we see scenes of violence in a game. The consumer should be allowed to purchase whatever they like within the realms of legality. We might judge or condemn a teenager who chooses to spend their free time indulging in fantasies of horror or death, but it's their free choice to spend their time as they wish. As much as their parents would like them to spend time outdoors exercising or enjoying nature, it's more likely that the average teenager in modern times prefers to play a games console or spend time on Facebook or Instagram. It's a sad reality, but it's a reality resulting from personal choice and freedom. This is better than a more idealistic reality resulting from outside forces controlling our lifestyle.

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